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Science Fair Speakers for May 1st

   Christopher Do, attends Rhoades School, Grade 7, his Advisor is Roxanne Hunker. His project was “Exploring a Novel Application of Ferrofluid for Structural Stability”. His awards were from GSDSEF Category Placement: Second Place and The American Society for Non Destructive Testing (San Diego Section).

Ferrofluid is a magnetic fluid that becomes a solid mass when under the influence of a magnetic field. I wondered whether this property could be applied to the problem of stabilizing buildings in an earthquake. I believe that ferrofluid can be used to stabilize buildings. As the building is constructed, magnets and ferrofluid could be placed where the building will most likely experience the greatest stress.

Nadia Salah, attends Islamic School of San Diego, Grade 8, her Advisor is Arwa Alkhawaja. Her project was “Which Oil Makes the Best Ferrofluid”. Her awards were from GSDSEF Category Placement: First Place, American Chemical Society, San Diego Section, American Society for Non Destructive Testing (San Diego Section), Society of American Military Engineers, and she was a Sweepstakes Runner- Up in Junior Division Physical Sciences.

Ferrofluid has unique properties because the iron-oxide particles are magnetic, therefore the fluid can be controlled by a magnetic field. Ferrofluid technology is well established and capable of solving a wide variety of problems. It enhances the performance of the device it's used for, but store-bought ferrofluid is exceedingly expensive and stains everything it comes in contact with. Additionally, it has a strikingly strong odor.

Shreya Ranganath, attends Bonita Vista HS, Grade 11, her Advisor is Michelle Mardahl. Her project was “Boron Carbide Coated in Situ Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composite”. Her awards were from GSDSEF Category Placement: Second Place, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Association for Women in Science, San Diego Chapter, American Society of Materials International, San Diego Chapter, American Society for Non Destructive Testing (San Diego Section), USN - ONR (US Navy Science and Technology) / Naval Science Awards Program (NSAP), and Society of Women Engineers - San Diego County Section.

My cutting-edge Phase I work on a titanium matrix composite [Ti (titanium) – TiB (titanium boride) – TiC (titanium carbide)] offers the potential for cost-efficient production route since the two types of ceramic reinforcements -  TiB and TiC - are produced directly and instantaneously during the reaction process in the titanium metal matrix. In addition, this approach minimizes the reinforcement damage frequently encountered in powder metallurgy processes. The likely result is a good interfacial bond strength between the matrix and the ceramic reinforcements, and refinement of grain size.

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American Society for Nondestructive Testing is the world's largest technical society for nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals.
It was formed in 1941 to provide opportunities for people to get involved with education, research, section operations, and leadership dealing with Quality and NDT.

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· The San Diego Section holds monthly meetings in which you are cordially invited to attend. If you are interested, please contact the SD Section  The ASNT website has additional information you can view at

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